Plain Black Flexible Magnet

Plain Black Flexible Magnet

Plain Black Flexible Magnet is without any laminations on both sides, one side is multi poles magnetized with matt or gloss UV protection coating, the other side is un-magnetized.,un-coated,You can laminate self adhesive, paper or PVC on the non magnetized side.

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- Plain flexible rubber magnet is made of ferrite powders and polymer.

The thinnest magnetic material is inherently lightweight.
- Suitable for labels, warehouse racking and printed promotional magnets that are cost-effective or craft.

Thicker rubber magnet is generally durability and strength.
- Suitable for commercial applications, such as advertisement board, vehical signage.

The thickest material is the strongest and most durable.

- Can be easily cut to size with scissors or box cutter.
- Maximum operating temperature 80°C.